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The Nordic Trophy Cup is an annual event celebrating the Grand Opening of the new season among the Nordic Chambers of Commerce & Nordic Embassies in Lithuania. Each year this event for is for all the members and families with all kinds of interests and Winners Trophy Cup is passed from winner to winner. The Nordic Embassies are also participating in this highly motivational “nation” cup with national flags and competitive spirit in a friendly atmosphere.

The Nordic Trophy Cup is a concept developed and organized by Force One, originally with Director of Force One Evald Roos and President of Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania Thomas Solupajev-Ronlev. Now the concept is further developed and organized by the Nordic Chambers of Commerce in Lithuania together with Force One.

This year everybody is invited to Traditional International Rowing festival in Birstonas - one of the most beautiful regions in Lithuania. We will join the Royal regatta of Vikings for which each Chamber has to form a boat of 8 rowers, 1 steer man, 1 drummer-flag waver.
Team: 10 people (no age or gender restrictions).
Distance: 10 km Starts in Prienai at the bridge and finishes near the Mound of Vytautas in Birstonas.
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The Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce together with Force One invited members and their families to this year event - Canoe Rowing Championship.
In total there was 12 canoe teams represented, and during 3 Qualification heats and semi-finals, 3 teams made it to the final. And what a final, the canoe teams on the water was fighting with all possible efforts and honours to win. Cheering and shouting, the other participants and fans on the beach were watching this very intense final as the result ended like this:

The Winner of the Nordic Trophy Cup 2012:
Norway - Norwegian Chamber Of Commerece. We believe Norway can be grateful to Harald Martens Holm. Congratulations!

The Winner of the final and the individual Canoe team competition:
Denmark (Jan Hyttel & Evald Roos) - Congratulations!
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2011 was first year, it was organized together with the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania and the event was Go Kart Championship. After several interesting heats with intense driving and racing spirit, the winner of this the Nordic Trophy Cup 2011:
Denmark - Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania.
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