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Trainings, Teambuilding, Corporate Events, MICE, Business Development & Trading services in Vilnius and all over Lithuania are Force One specialities. Looking for solutions where Outcome is important and among Goals are to - Unite, Inspire, Motivate, Encourage, Renew, Improve, Recognition and Reward teams, organizations and clients. Working with us means you have a very broad selection of Tours, Activities, Entertainment, Events, Venues, Ground Handling for every budget, interests and wishes with more than 200 ready packages and we are always happy to provide new ideas and inspiration for excately your needs.

Trainings & Development - Graphic Recording & Facilitation, Public Speaking & Charisma, Team building Trainings, Teambuilding Events, Multi Team Challenge...

Corporate Events - Client Events, Team Events, Summer Events, Conference Activities, Event Marketing...

MICE - Meetings & Conferences, Incentive & Corporate Tours, Client Tours, Skiing Incentives, Adventure Tours...

Trading - We work in Wood Operations - bringing in timber to the European market from Ukraine, Belorussia & Russia. We trade softwoods, hardwood, panel products, firewood, charcoal, bio-fuels, briquettes, substrates, log-houses, oak beds and furnitures.

Force One Trainings and Teambuilding solutions support your organization in building teams. Corporate Events & Incentives solutions help to improve the sales force and unite the whole organization. Client Events stimulate and strengthen further relationship.

Our business areas are based on the common factors of motivation, recognition, encouragement and learning and developing new skills of either internal or external purposes. We believe in development through highly active involvement of participants and having lots of fun as well while learning new skills.

We design and continuously develop unique & innovative incentive concepts with the purpose to reward and inspire individuals and teams who contributes to their organizations. We are dedicated to harmonize our clients’ expectations with the desirable results through our commitment to professionalism, integrity and creativity.

Each project is tailor-made according to clients’ needs and expectations. We provide solutions for a broad spectrum of budgets and are able to organize the exact solution for your company. We also offer venue finding and work closely with several excellent hotels and countryside locations.

Canoe Polo

Enjoy Canoe Polo game at any your desired location >>>

Kalashnikov shooting

Best price in town!
Experience the feeling of shooting with real guns, pistols and Kalashnikov. It is exciting and great activity for smaller and larger groups. Just choose from below list of your preferred firearms…9mm Russian Pistol Makarov, Glock, Kalashnikov, Winchester Shotgun, Pistol TT... >>>


UAB Litagros prekyba - Tai buvo vienas iš geriausių iki šiol vykusių komandinių užsiėmimų!
...Po renginio grįžome sustiprėję širdyje, pailsėję sieloje, artimesni vieni kitiems. Už tai dėkui visai Force One komandai. Esate šaunuoliai!...
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