Canoe Polo Festival !

We are happy to announce that the Canoe Polo Festival will be in Vilnius Grand Resort hotel!

Required registration on: 
Tel. +370 676 37 403 (LT,RU,EN)
Tel. +370 685 44 190 (EN,DK,SE,NO)
We invite you to have some good fun with an atractive water entertainment - Canoe Polo.

For bookings please call +370 676 37 403 or write to bookings (@) Pre-booking is required in order to insure your prefereed time.

Place: „Vilnius Grand Resort“, Ežeraičių g. 2, Ežeraičių km., Avižienių apskr.,
First booking time is at 11.00 - last untill sunset :)

Participant fee for a 1 hour game (55 min) - 10 Eur/pers. min 8 pers. 
SPECIAL PACKAGE (game fee and 3 courses BBQ lunch or dinner at Bora Bora restaurant and Vilnius Grand Resort beach use) - 35,00 Eur/pers.

For larger groups we reccommend to book more hours. At once plays 6 vs 6.

When to arrive? Please arive min. 20 min before your booked time.
Booking payment with name and time.
UAB Force One
Company ID: 300124855
VAT code: LT100001895712
Bank account number (IBAN): LT52 7300 0100 9062 1564
Bank: AB Swedbank
Bank Code: 73000
Unfortunately we do not return payment in case that you cancel.

What do you need to bring? Like going to the beach, towel, swimsuit etc.

Canoe Polo - what is it?
Canoe Polo, best described as mix of water-polo, handball and basketball, is an interesting water sports activity with lots of fun where two teams of 3-6 persons are playing against each other. The real challenges in the game are the great possibilities for tackles and get around your opponent. A game for everyone as you are playing in high quality “sit on top” kayaks that are easy to control and steady in the water which means that you don’t need any special kind of kayaking skills.

You can have Canoe Polo in your desired location, with our mobile version. Water depth should be min. 1 meter in playing field and preferable comfortable bottom, water access as for swimming and have accessibility with car.

Force One Canoe Polo is special designed for optimized entertainment: to score more goals (due to our special designed goals), more interesting for spectators, to have more fun and optimal protections of participants (due to the special face protection on our helmets).

Force One Canoe Polo is often combined with teambuilding, conferences, seminars, trainings, company events and client events. Great fun as either a stand-alone activity or as part of a multi-activity day.

Canoe Polo

Enjoy Canoe Polo game at any your desired location >>>

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