Medieval Weapon Tournament

This event provides firsthand experience with the medieval weapon tournaments. When the Medieval knights compete in honour their skills in accuracy, aiming and concentration where tested in the classic medieval weapons; Crossbow, Archery (long bow) & Axe throwing. Lithuania was first mentioned in 1009, formed a state ca. 1183, and developed into a powerful empire in the 14th century. It survived and gained power in the constant fight with the Teutonic Knights, supported by almost the whole of Catholic Europe, the Tartar hordes and Muscovite Russia.

This event takes place in the picturesque landscape near the majestic Gothic castle on the island of Galve Lake, the town's flower which is the only castle surrounded by water in Eastern and Central Europe. Trakai was the administrative, economic and defensive centre of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the beginning of the 14th century.

Medieval weapon tournament
Participants will get bows, axes, targets and arrows. The task is to get as many points as possible. Encourage the team to concentrate and achieve most points team or individual results.

This event could be upgraded with extra options like: 
Siege The castle
You will have a chance to build and shoot with a Catapult - perhaps the greatest introduction to siege warfare in medieval times. A well-built Catapult could handle large missiles making it much more difficult for castle walls to withstand this new weapon of medieval times. Each team is to make a catapult of wood poles, the construction must be very carefully planned and the quality asset before the team will test it with shooting with a head of cabbage.

Knight Shows & Fire Shows
In addition to above or separate we also arrange amazing knight fighting scenes and fire shows which leaves wonderful impressions among the participants.

Castle Sightseeing
Inside the castle, there is the Trakai Historic Museum where visitors can see some interesting old armament collections as well as other historic exhibits.
Many 16th-17th century tiles, coins, pottery, bone chessmen and other items were discovered while excavating the Castle site. These are now exhibited in the Trakai History Museum. The museum also contains ethnographic and applied art collections.

Medieval feast in Trakai castle - Medieval feast in the 13th Castle with the Ancient Music Ensemble not just revives the old melodies of the past but recreates before your eyes a full ceremony of the reception of a foreign Envoy who visits the castle. Specially prepared and originally served food - fish, slabs of ham, ancient national drink "midus", beer - all add to the common fantastic atmosphere of the happening.

Canoe Polo

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Kalashnikov shooting

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