Destination Lithuania

Meetings - Loghouse cabins Event & Conference at historical Castle Meetings at Baltic Sea Dunes
Lithuania has just about everything for visitors: beautiful, historic cities, romantic castles, manor houses, countryside mansions set in a landscape of rolling hills and lakes, an unspoiled coastline, unique and still live folk traditions, a wide choice of international and local hotels and fine restaurants which can cater to all international tastes. Last but not least, the price and value will pleasantly surprise you in Lithuania and the other Baltic states.

Reasons to visit Lithuania
- Unique Capital of Vilnius with Old Town listed on UNESCO heritage site
- Geographical centre of Europe
- Trakai Castle - East Europe’s largest castle on an island
- Extensive choice of valuable activities and events for Incentive & Corporate Tours, Meetings & Conference an
- Teambuilding & Events.
- Unspoiled nature
- Culture life
- Authentic folk traditions and crafts
- Beaches & SPA towns
- Gourmets’ pleasures and entertainmens
- High standards accommodation & meeting facilities
 -The biggest exhibition and event centre in the Baltics
- Great value for money

Conference in Lithuania at non-Traditional Venues
Serious and complex conferences can be more attractive when they take place in unusual and unique places. It is those exciting conferences that we offer for you to be held in Lithuania – where there is a lot of exclusive conference venues and centers. The work in such places will be more calm and efficient and you will be more pleased with the results achieved.

Conferences & Events in Castles, National Galleries, City Halls & Museums
We offer to organize a conference or event in a non-traditional venue. Productive work can take place in various locations.
Conferences be held in the National Gallery of Art, the Mecca of all modern art – the Contemporary Art Centre, and in the most recently restored Palace of Rulers, a former residence of the country’s rulers and venerable guests, or the Museum of Applied Art or even in the Vilnius City Town Hall – this is a great choice and it definitely impress. Work on a spot where previous ruler’s throne stood.
Several Lithuanian castles and manors are customized for seminars and conferences reminding of the centuries of history which will bring joy to your event participants. Calm atmosphere, beautiful scenery and fresh air will help to focus for effective work. Unique architecture, beautiful parks and natural landscapes encourage the creativity of participants. Monumental buildings – the only castle on the island remaining in Lithuania – Trakai Castle, Užutrakis, Burbiškis estates, Raudondvaris Castle is recently resurrected to new life for Events.

Conference in 170 meters height
One very unique place to hold a conference in Lithuania is Vilnius TV tower. The entire panorama of the Vilnius city and its surroundings opens in the windows of the conference rooms, inspiring for new ideas, good mood, easy and productive work.

Canoe Polo

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Kalashnikov shooting

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