Our methods are based on the Action Learning System which we have developed and are using in all our trainings with great success. The action Learning System is a cycle of facilitation, growth, new experiences learning points and then evaluations, communication and teamwork, making new decisions and again new learning with projects.
All our methods are result concentrated to create the positive result for the individual, the team and the company. We focus on the solving process in a totally different way where very active learning environment is emphasized. This system together with follow up sessions enables the participants to implement and use learning points when being back at work.
The Team members will be confronted with situations and tasks where quality teamwork is necessary in order to complete the tasks and to achieve the best results. You will have possibility to gain more self confidence, which can support you in future communication with your colleagues, clients or partners.
With our methods the participants will create a positive environment in which they can achieve a higher level of personal and interpersonal effectiveness.
Delegates are motivated to set goals, solve problems, gain trust and build confidence and to give and receive support.
Large part of the training is used for practicing new skills and evaluation sessions with theory. The evaluation is based on the participants‘ experience from the methods and discussions related to theory.
Effective communication, trust in team, leadership, responsibility, problem solving, team thinking are elements that must be prioritized in modern companies.
The Action Learning System, that is based on the only effective way to change and control habits, is 20% theory explanation and 80% active involvement.

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