European Wood Operators, a subdivision within Force One Ltd organization, is a company made by experienced quality controllers and purchaser bringing in timber to the European market from Ukraine, Belorussia & Russia. Our experience in management and logistic is more than 15 years with last 5 years in timber operating business.


What we provide:

We handle everything from door to door, so to speak. From customer orders to the selecting at the Saw Mills, drying, processing, sortering and grading, packaging, customs and logistic.  It means for you as a customer you can be confident that your products are landed on your site at agreed time, agreed amounts and quality.


Product types:

Softwood, hardwood, panel products, firewood, charcoal, bio-fuels, briquettes, substrates, log-houses, oak beds, oak furniture.


Hardwood (logs):

·         Beech (Fagus sylvatica)

·         Oak (Quercus petraea, Quercus robur)

·         Ash (Fraxinus excelsior)

·         Red oak (Quercus rubra)

·         Mabel (Acer pseudoplatanus)

·         Birch (Betula)

·         Hornbeam (carpinus)


Softwood (logs):

·         Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menzeiesii)

·         Silver fir (Abies alba)

·         Pine (Pinus sp.)


Other species could be obtained as well on request.


Our standards:

We fulfill the EU Timber Regulations (EUTR) which insures our customers that the timber is legal, the origin of the wood and which purpose it to minimize the trade with illegal wood.


Our working process


We go ourselves too to the forest to the sawmills. We are there. So far our major source of timber is from forest in Ukraine, Belorussia & Russia. All production is made according the EU regulations and has the needed documentation.


The sawmills we work with are professionals and we are often ourselves present on site in order to further insure that the orders are fulfilled perfectly according to our customers’ needs. At the sawmills everything is used from the larger logs for construction beams to the sawdust for bio-fuels like pellets and briquettes. This all helps reduce amount of fossil fuels there are consumed.


Kiln Drying 
After sawing, all sawn goods are brought to our kilns and dried to one of various moisture contents (mc) as  required. For Furniture and Flooring production 8-10% mc, Glulam and Finger Jointed production 12% mc, general construction, decking and prefabricated house building 18% ±2%. All of above complies with ISPM 15 requirements and can be done on it’s own for packaging production.


We can provide grading accordingly to EN and BS standards, Nordic grading rules or requirements defined by buyer in order to get the required quality by buyers. We will make packs as big as needed,  same size/length in one pack to get best load per container, truck or vessel or as small as best fits in shelves of customers warehouse.


Processing Planning/Machining
Finished products can be further processed thru planning machines. Most common of products are: regularized roof battens, regularized construction timber, decking, and shiplap.


We welcome you to join a partnership with European Wood Operators. Any further information is available by contacting us directly on

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