Team High Ropes

Looking for a High Ropes activity which is Fun?! Challenging! Which will test your teamwork skills?! Then head to the heights ... experience it all in 8-15 meters height !
Force One Team High Ropes is the only High Ropes in Lithuania which is only possible to complete with the full support from your team colleagues!

Why and how Force One Team High Ropes is different from adventure parks and what is it's purpose and goals?
While the parks is established mainly for entertainment of families, friend groups and children then Force One High Ropes is different - it is a solution and tool for companys and organizations, creating dialog around dealing with change, understanding resistance, risk taking and commitment while having a great and entertaining time together with colleagues. Force One High Ropes works well with looking at how organizations communicate, react and brings the organizational culture into full view. Participants begin to understand, in a different way, the strengths and limitations of how they perform together. Issues of group norms, leadership, follower ship, conflict management, decision-making, risk taking, stress management and planning can be addressed through these activity based workplace simulations.

How is Force One High Ropes different?
From beginning to the end you need the mental and physical support from your team colleagues.
Provided with alpinism harnesses and attached to safety wires you start from the ground and climbing the “Skywalk” with support from the team, you will reach the first “platform”. Now you will face different challenges that you must overcome with support from the other team members from the ground. We will leave it as a surprise for you how it technically works, but you will need to trust your team and be ready to go for it. Remember that all the time you are attached to an independent safety system made from steel wire.

In the Force One Team High Ropes participants appreciate the opportunity to interact with their teammates in a very different and powerful way. Our facilitators establish the context for each activity, monitor participant’s safety and help the team recognize valuable insights throughout the day.
Force One Team High Rope course is developed on the basis of our gained experience from Scandinavia. Our professionally trained instructors and facilitators encourage you to move beyond your perceived limitations while respecting your decision on how far you want to move outside your comfort zones. Cooperation and mutual support, rather than competition and physical prowess are emphasized. Although the program may be mental demanding, each person chooses his/her limits.


Our methods are different and you will experience that you and your all participants are motivated to create extraordinary results. We specialize in intensive and effective Teambuilding solutions. Our methods focus on remarkable positive transformation launching processes in people and the organization.
For teambuilding and other trainings all High Ropes session can be followed by evaluation. High Ropesis often combined with teambuilding, conferences, seminars, trainings, meetings, company events or VIP events.

Force One High Ropes is only possible to complete with team support!

Permanent High Ropes locations for Teambuilding and Corporate Events:
1. Vilnius Grand Resort (20 km from Vilnius. 6-8 m height).
2. Aukstaitija National Park (Mincia forest, 130 km from Vilnius. 10-15 m height).
3. Mobile locations on request.
High Ropes is a great activity as either a stand-alone activity or as part of a multi-activity day.

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