Public Speaking & Charizma

Are you ready to raise yourself and your team’s confidence to the next level?

Are you ready to become more charismatic, not to be afraid of other people’s opinion and to get in touch with new people?

Or maybe you want to get new inspiration?

Do you know that in our times the biggest fear is not that we will die because of starvation or wild animals will eat us, but we are afraid of other people?

Imagine, you are in Deserted Island – and there you need to make a presentation for your clients, a complex presentation you have prepared for long time. On this island is not a single living human being - will you be afraid to stand in front of the Island and deliver your presentation? Definitely not. Now imagine the same presentation, you walk out to the audience with 3 classroom students - already worse? Let’s make the task harder - the same audience of only 30 people, and if 50, then what? During the training you will learn how to manage your fears and strengthen confidence - these are two key ingredients to radically improve your quality of life.

Active Training

Public Speaking and Charisma Workshops - this active experiential training will give confidence and knowledge of how to strengthen it continually. In this workshop we are using new NLP, Road Mapping, Body Language, Public Speaking and Coaching Techniques. You will strengthen your self-confidence in this seminar.

Maybe your team are confronted with cold calls, different clients, reports and presentations of business plans? These workshops will learn you how to speak in front of an larger audience and also how to get in contact with a whole new stranger or difficult customer.

In the workshop you will learn and try:

  • How to develop charisma
  • How to create a good first impression
  • Work with fears and reduce them to a logical level
  • Confidence and enhance self-confidence every day
  • Manage body language and learn how to look and feel self-confident
  • Manage and involve the audience and what to do with those who do not listen
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • The specific steps you need to perform before delivering presentation in order to feel less worry, do not forget the essential details and make yourself confident.
  • How to prepare for the presentation, what tools to use, what works, what does not work anymore.

 Depending on the needs the duration is from 3 hours all up to 3 days. These workshops are also a great team building tool – where you aswell get to know much more about your colleagues in different situations and have a good time together.

 Head of Workshop: Coach & NLP trainer Algirdas Viltrakis


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