Team Building training

The trainings focus on smaller groups and the purpose is to promote and contribute for the improved team performance through better understanding of each individual, team awareness and personal development. To insure a high learning process the team analyses, discusses and evaluates the team performance together with the instructors and trainers through the whole training. This interactive environment not only contributes to the understanding of team principles but also develops a social awareness in the group.

The management team is the leading organ and for those we have developed special leadership courses which strengthen the managers’ self-confidence and improve cross-functional cooperation as well as optimizing leadership skills.

The trainings are primarily taking place in the nature where practical professional teambuilding tasks and exercises are supplemented with indoor or outdoor discussion sessions about teamwork and behavior patterns. For achieving optimal result we have developed The Action Learning System, which is based on the effective way to change and control habits and combines theoretic background with practical involvement.
The trainings focus on giving the participants an opportunity to develop a strong team spirit and give background information on their and other people’s motives. We focus on the individuals’ strong and weaker sides, overcoming limits and creating successful experiences. We stimulate people to become different.

Our highly trained professionals inspire participants to improve communications skills, a lasting team spirit and a commitment to share goals. Through this facilitating process, the participants are able to identify what has been learned and how they can apply that value to their work environment.

Training with Force One will create a positive point for your staff to build on team development.

These provocative solutions are very effective tools for creating dialog when dealing with change, understanding resistance, risk taking and commitment. These solutions work well and show how organizations communicate and react, brings the organizational culture into full view. Participants begin to understand the strengths and limitations of their team performance. Issues of group norms, leadership, follower ship, conflict management, decision-making, risk taking and planning can be addressed through these activity based workplace stimulations.

Duration of the programs depends on group size and topics of the seminar but takes from 2 hours up to several full days.

Our solutions focus on the main principles of team work and leadership:
• Communication Skills
• Decision Making
• Project Management and Leadership
• Team Building
• Cooperation and Trust
• Self confidence
• And more...

Further we emphasize to:
• create a positive environment in which you can achieve a higher level of personal and interpersonal effectiveness.
• motivate you to set goals, solve problems, gain trust, build confidence, and to give and receive support.
• challenge you to go well beyond your perceived boundaries and realize successes both individually and as an integral member of the group.
• deliver a positive impact on your life. You will develop increased skills in teamwork, leadership, communication, conflict management and relaxation.

Organizational benefits
Employees with more responsibility for qualitative service and costs. A learning culture, where everybody continuously improves. Employees who are ready for changes and have rational reactions on information, changes and innovation. Employees will be more flexible with personal competence, self-confidence and more skills. They will feel ownership of vision and objectives of the organization. Improved teamwork across departments.

Employees benefits
More responsibility, influence in the process of decision-making. Larger recognition and attention. More information, skills and education. Job expansion, larger understanding and directions. Collective rewards.

Benefits Which means for you
Promotion of Problem Solving Increasing Team Dynamics and Productivity
Listen more Effectively Better Understand of Others‘ Perspective
People Get Closer The Human Relation Grows Stronger
Critics Remembered in Pictures Automatically the Positive Experience will be used from the Mental Backpack
Exceeding Personal Limits Strength of the Individual Character – “I can do everything now”
Success in defining the objective Awareness of used Characteristics
Readiness for changes Quicker Adaptation to New Conditions in Routines, Structure and working situation
Develop winner mentality Never afraid but always aware
Positive thinking Always one step ahead – control the situation –don’t lose the touch

Quality Control
In relation to the preparation of the training or event progress there is a close contact between company management and your personal project manager from Force One. This we do in order to ensure a goal-oriented training or event progress.

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